Certify your firm and gain access to a market worth more than 169 billion dollars at global level. The Halal Institute of Spain has more than 400 certified companies in Spain

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  • Halal International Tourism
is a project undertaken jointly by the Halal Institute of Spain and Innova TaxFree Group with the purpose of positioning Spain as one of the main Halal tourist destinations

We provide to the Spanish and Latin America tourist agents the necessary knowledge and means to enable them to take advantage of the business opportunities that the Halal tourism offers in Spain and Latin America

Services for Firms

ico-formacionTraining Learn to identify the preferences of these customers and treat them correctly.

ico-formacionHalal Certification Adapt your services to capitalize the boom of the Halal Tourism in Spain and Latin America.

An Opportunity for Spain

Spain attracts Muslim tourists. We have all the elements to position Spain as one of the most important Halal tourist destinations in the world: the Andalusí heritage, a rich gastronomy, wonderful tourist infrastructures, an extraordinary climate, the best football teams in the world, etc. Are we going to let this opportunity slip by? Spain: A Halal tourist destination

Join the Halal International Tourism

The Halal tourism industry is growing so fast. In 2016, Muslims spent 169 billion dollars in tourism, which represents an increase of 11,8% compared to last year. Contact us and take advantage to capitalize the rise of the Halal Tourism in Spain and Latin America.

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