Garantia Halal de junta islámica

The “Halal” Tourism, key to attract arab travelers

“There is a Halal tourism boom in Europe coming from Muslim countries. In Spain, on the other hand, it is incipient. We are taking off”. This is the opinion of Flora Sáez, cofounder of Nur & Duha Travels, the first travel agency and national tour operator with the Halal stamp.

This is a word in Arabic that refers to what is “permitted”. It is often used in gastronomy. The Quran refers to some forbidden food, and halal refers to the rest. Pork and derivatives (pastries fat) are forbidden, just like alcohol, raptors or animals who haven’t been sacrificed following the Islamic ritual.

“The main reason why Muslims visit a country is the fact that there are Muslim-friendly factors (which reconciles with the religious beliefs)” Indicates Sáez, as well as the availability of this kind of food. (more…)

Turismo halal friendly en España

Opening markets to the Halal Tourism

The halal tourism is developing and the services to cover it are getting more numerous.

 The Muslim population is growing to a high rhythm, and with that, comes the increase in touristic demand of this sector of the world population. This kind of tourism is so relevant, that it can generate around 3 billion dollars every year in the world. (more…)