Halal Granada

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Granada was the ancient capital of the Zirid Kingdom of Granada in the 11th century. It received a constant inflow of immigrants from different cultures who gave these city monuments from different centuries, with the Alhambra occupying a prominent place.

The Alhambra

money 14€ Alhambra de Granada The Alhambra is a set of palaces, gardens and a fortress, a citadel within the city, that served as accommodation for the king and the court of the Nasrid kingdom. The inside and the outside make up a unique landscape that will amaze any visitor. We can also highlight monuments, such as the tanks used as a system to distribute and store water for the city during the Muslim era. World Heritage Site.

The Generalife

money 7€ El Generalife These were the gardens where Muslim kings rested. It was designed as a rural villa, where ornamental gardens, vegetable gardens, courtyards and buildings are integrated in the vicinity of the Alhambra. These vegetable gardens were bounded by thick containment walls, some of which can still be seen. A meadow surrounds the estate, serving as pasture for horses, farm animals and even as hunting grounds to be used by the sultan.

Arab baths of Granada

money Gratuito Baños Arabes del Siglo XI: El Bañuelo Dating from the 11th century, these are the oldest, most important and best preserved baths in Spain and one of the oldest examples of Muslim architecture in Granada. It is one of the few places of this type that were spared from destruction by the Catholic monarchs.

Hammam Al-Andalus Baths in Granada

money 36€ – 67€ Hamam Baños Granada These were the first Arab baths reopened in Europe after their closure in the 16th century. They are located at the feet of the Alhambra, over the ruins of an ancient Hammam, so you can enjoy an Arab bath, a comforting massage and the aromas and flavours of the past.