Muslim-Friendly Certification

Halal certification for tourist businesses and attractions

When the term “Halal” is applied to businesses in the services industry, this means that they meet the conditions required by Muslims in terms of food, accommodation, transportation, praying areas and the facilities necessary for ablutions. Halal certification is a tool implemented by our strategic partner, the Halal Institute, to guarantee that tourist products and services aimed at Muslim customers meet international Halal standards and, therefore, are fit for their consumption. Companies certified by the Halal Institute of Spain can use its Guarantee Certification on their products and/or businesses to show their adherence to Halal standards. Benefits of certification:

  • Access to over 57 emerging countries and over 7 billion potential clients from around the world (44 million in Europe).
  • Entry into a market valued at over 3 trillion dollars (all sectors included).
  • Access to 2 million Muslim citizens and 2 million Muslim tourists in Spain.
  • Overcoming barriers to entry in countries where certification is mandatory to operate.
  • Obtaining a reputable guarantee certification recognised by the Muslim population worldwide.
  • Having international accreditations from Muslim-majority countries.
  • It generates trust among consumers, making it easier to boost loyalty.
  • Differentiating from the competition, positioning your business as a Halal-friendly company/organisation.
  • Adding value to your products. A guarantee of quality, healthfulness and sustainability.
  • Mandatory for Muslims. Attractive to non-Muslims.
Garantia Halal de junta islámica


Halal International Tourism recommends all tourist agents seeking to capitalise on the rise of Halal tourism and to access it in Spain and Latin America to become certified by the Halal Institute of Spain.

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