Madrid Halal

Madrid Halal

Madrid was founded in the mid-9th century (between 853 and 865) by Muhammad I, Emir of Cordoba, as a military settlement, and it remained under Muslim rule until it was conquered by King Alfonso VI of Castile in 1085. From those centuries, we can still find remains of the original walls, in addition to some remains scattered around the vicinity of the Almudena Cathedral and Plaza de Oriente.

Old Muslim wall

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This is probably the oldest construction still standing in the city. The most important remains can be visited at Cuesta de la Vega, next to the Almudena Cathedral and integrated into the Muhammad I park.

Abu Bakr Mosque

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Founded in 1988, it became the first Aljama Mosque since 1805. In addition to a praying area, the building features a nursery, a school, a shop and a library, distributed over four floors.

Omar Mosque

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In 1976, 18 Muslim countries with diplomatic representation in Spain signed an agreement to build a mosque in Madrid. However, the project was delayed for 11 years, until King Fahd of Saudi Arabia provided the necessary funding to complete construction. Finally, in 1992, the Saudi monarch and Juan Carlos I inaugurated the mosque. Over its six floors, in addition to the mosque, we can find a school, a library, a museum, two exhibition halls, a gym and a restaurant.

Hammam Baths

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An oasis of relaxation at the very heart of the city. A unique experience to get away from it all.