Opening markets to the Halal Tourism

Turismo halal friendly en España

Opening markets to the Halal Tourism

The halal tourism is developing and the services to cover it are getting more numerous.

 The Muslim population is growing to a high rhythm, and with that, comes the increase in touristic demand of this sector of the world population. This kind of tourism is so relevant, that it can generate around 3 billion dollars every year in the world.

This way, we can verify that the halal tourism is gaining more power in the touristic sector and there are more places that adapt their offer with the purpose of providing the travelers from Muslim countries the experiences they seek.

The halal tourists seek a touristic experience that does not compromise their religious habits. They are travelers who are attracted by the shopping tourism, the leisure supply, the history and the gastronomy. It is a tourism which doesn’t depend on seasons, but on events and on the sport calendar.

This increase in the halal tourism encourages the sectors related to tourism to expand their offer to the Muslim population; this is the “halal-friendly” market.

This way, there can be found hotels that possess rooms and services to satisfy this halal tourism. Alcohol, pork and pastries that contain animal fat are not served in these hotels. Nor there is gambling. There are rooms for prayer, and the direction of Makkah is indicated in the rooms.

Moreover, the markets adapt to this kind of tourists and seek ways to satisfy and provide new products to replace those that the halal tourist cannot consume for cultural and religious reasons.

All this services are approved by the Halal Institutes across the world, which determine the conditions these touristic sites have to meet in order to be considered of Halal Tourism.

In the case of Spain, many collaboration agreements have been signed by the Halal Institute and firms such as Innova TaxFree Group, the independent tax-free operator in Europe, for the promotion and development of new strategies for the promotion of the halal tourism, just like providing information et the necessary resources of business found in this kind of tourism. All this through the online HIT platform (Halal International Tourism).

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